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Dog Grooming Table

Any groomer depends on the dog grooming table as the main piece of equipment. How can one cut hair, de-mat or trim nails when one cannot have a comfortable body position? A dog grooming table allows one to get the dog at a reasonable height for easy access to the nails, coat, eyes and ears. The applications of a dog grooming table are manifold, and the use is extensive in all salons. Moreover, lots of other tools depend on the table for proper functionality. This is the case with the grooming loop or noose that keeps the animal as still as possible while on the table. Grooming would be a nightmare and virtually impossible without such basic equipment.

A groomer can choose from many dog grooming table models; diversity comes with differences not only in design, but in price and efficiency as well. It is advisable to buy tables that have a grooming arm or noose incorporated so that you may pay less than you would by making separate purchases. Electric, stationary or hydraulic, the dog grooming table eases work a lot. By far the most expensive models are electric because they allow the table surface to drop or raise at a comfortable height depending on the size of the dog.

Hydraulic tables work in a very similar way but they are less costly. There is no stooping or bending, and you don’t have to lift large dogs to the work level. If the more expensive designs are not an option, you can always try the stationary dog grooming table with adjustable legs. The table height can be adjusted manually, as the legs can be locked at whatever level you need. Besides these adjustment criteria, you can also select a dog grooming table according to the table top size. Private users normally buy a dog grooming table for home use, according to the size of the dog.

Both pets and owners greatly benefit from the advantages of a dog grooming table installed at home. The initial investment could be justified if your pet requires lots of grooming sessions per month. Instead of taking the pet to the salon, you can perform the grooming routine yourself thus cutting back on costs. This is usually possible for small or medium-sized dogs with not-too-thick hair. Otherwise, the dog grooming table remains an item of professional usage that is necessary to any pet treatment center, spa or veterinarian center. The choice of the model is normally influenced by the budget and the usage extent.

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